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CodeLobster IDE


Feature-rich source code editor

CodeLobster Software  |  2 more applications - July 23, 2018
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CodeLobster IDE
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There are quite a few source code editors available on the market. Some are better than others, and some of them are even free. One of such is called CodeLobster IDE. It features an intuitive user interface with a number of useful functionalities.

When installing the software, you can choose which file types to associate with it (php, js, html, etc.), to be opened when clicking on them in file explorer. You also get to select between a variety of color schemes and available interface languages.

Additionally, you can choose which components to include with the installation. Components include autocomplete and code highlighting support for popular frameworks, libraries, platforms and CMS systems, like Angular JS, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Backbone, Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, JQuery, Laravel, Magento, and others.

When opening the software, you are presented with the chosen color scheme and interface visual style, which can both be changed at any time in "View > Visual Style" or "Tools > Preferences" window. Interface is organized in window groups, for file explorer, debug window, TODO list, watch, and more.

Main area of the interface is reserved for code and real time preview. Multiple tabs with code can be opened at once. Interface also includes map of the currently visible code, so that you can quickly see your position within the file. Of course, all windows can be arbitrarily organized at any time and closed if they are not needed.

If you want to work directly with files on the remote server, you can do so easily with the support for FTP/SFTP connections. CodeLobster IDE also supports syntax highlighting based on language, which is detected automatically.

There are many other functionalities included within the software, which may come useful to many programmers. Some of these functionalities include Intellisense support for language based code suggestions, support for plugins, option to compare files, code validator for inspecting errors, and more.

In conclusion, CodeLobster IDE is a fully-featured cross-platform code editor suitable also for more demanding users. It does not have a very high impact on system resources, thus making it possible to be run even on low-end computers.

• Many useful features
• Low on system resources
• Free to use
• None


Minimum requirements

• 160 Mb of disk space

Additional info

Operating system: Windows

Uninstaller: included

Supported languages: Chinese Traditional, Czech, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese   View more...

Release date: 2018-07-18

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